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The Classic range of photobooks offer premium quality printing, papers and professional binding, with the cover of the book being an Italian linen fabric, thereby giving it a different ‘look’ to Style 1 Luxe. Each page is professionally designed by our graphic designers using your high quality photographs, to ensure every photobook is unique. Text and drawings can be incorporated if required. There is a choice of colours to select from for the Italian linen fabric cover. Personalised silver, gold or clear foil stamping is used for the title on the cover of the book. Printed photographic laminated dust-jackets are available as an alternative option for Classic book covers.

The inside pages are printed on premium quality satin-gloss coated paper using the finest archival inks. In this range we offer large format book sizes 300mm x 300mm (Square) and 406mm x 305mm (Landscape XL) - not available in Style 1 Luxe or Style 3 Journal range.

Book sizes and number of pages
Landscape - size: 279mm w x 210mm h (11 inch x 8.25 inch)
Square - size: 300mm w x 300mm h (12 inch x 12 inch)
Landscape XL - size: 406mm w x 305mm h (16 inch x 12 inch)
N.B Due to the extra large page size of this book format, it is recommended that professional photographers only, or those supplying professional quality photos select this XL book size option. Uncoated 'art' style paper stock is available as an alternative for inside pages for this book size.
These three book sizes (above) can accommodate the following number of pages (sides):
30 pages (sides) plus cover - approx 50 - 65 photos
40 pages (sides) plus cover - approx 70 - 80 photos
60 pages (sides) plus cover - approx 85 - 110 photos
80 pages (sides) plus cover - approx 115 - 140 photos

Check out our online gallery for photobook examples.